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haus of gaga

las vegas, nv

November 2018 - May 2019

Design Architect
Architect of Record
Brand Management
Interior Design
Interior Design of Record
Pre-construction Consulting
Construction Management

The Haus of Gaga Las Vegas is a Gallery/Retail space that serves as an immersive experience into the world of Lady GaGa. The space houses priceless pieces curated from the Grammy and Academy Award Winner’s personal vault. Featured items includes ensembles & objects spanning from over a decade of her career. 

The environment is inspired by Lady GaGa’s Las Vegas’ Residency show “Enigma”, where infinity mirrors, black shard glass, neon lights, large format video screens & a sea of disco balls were a few distinctive elements that create a digitally enhanced contemporary space. The changing colored lights within the vitrines and mirrored walls transitions every 15 seconds creating an ever changing mood of shades of pink, blue, purple red and yellow that bounces through all the reflective surfaces of glass, metal, and Swarovski crystals; morphing the space by the minute embracing Lady GaGa’s chameleon-like persona. 

Haus of Gaga Las Vegas also offers some retail “Enigma” branded merchandise like jewelry and apparel sold exclusively at the venue that are placed in custom display cases. Although the space represents Lady Gaga’s futuristic show, it also takes you back to the memories of the past.
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